Monday, July 17, 2006

Her Royal Highness Camille Marie

Camille is not your typical middle child. There is not a chance this child will be forgotten in the middle. She has only recently started to talk, and seeing the world through Camille eyes is quite amusing and amazing. Camille is smart. She does see things as others do. She has her own take on the ways things are and the way things will work. She's independent and distant (except with her daddy). When she was a baby people would admire her, and she would turn to them with this cold haughty stare. She makes people uncomfortable. Now that she's decided to be social, she scares the hell out of other kids. She gets two inches from their faces and talks Camillesque to them. And with babies, it's hilarious. She treats them the same ways she treats dogs. She gets so excited she shakes and then wiggles her hands in their faces.
Favorite Quote: I'm a bad guy.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Jedi Knight Umberto

Yup, my six year old is hopelessly into Star Wars. I guess not all that surprising considering his mom. Umberto is a Gemini. Horror of horrors really. And yes he acts like one. I know I have Gemini friends out there laughing at this twist of fate. He's also the most like his dad: handsome, passionate, sulky, and on the moody side. But he's has my love of people, and has tons of friends. As his mom I think he's dreadfully handsome, and there are number of ladies who think so as well. Horacio poisoned him musically by introducing him to Phish at a concert when Umberto was three. Now he can't deal with anything remotely heavy. He adores Bob Marley and Devendra Barnhart. Currently he loves bugs, and is terrified of fairies.

Meet Da Family

Many people who view this blog have websites (they're not as lazy as I), and on those websites they share their families. I, for one, love to see other people's families. I'm one of those people who don't moan when people haul out photo albums. Thus it's not a great surprise that I love to view these online photo albums. What's missing though is the stories.

The stories are those little explanations that come with each picture. I love hearing about how that picture of Little Sue Sue was taken after she drank a fifth of vodka and called some girl a slut. The stories compliment the pictures and tell more about not just the photo but about the person showing the photos.

With that in mind, I'm going to introduce my lovely nuclear, suburban family one by one. I thought I'd use this post as a brief introduce to the Stickney-Castillo brood. And yes we really do have a brood...

Horacio and I meet six years ago at a party. I drank 6 shots of vodka and kicked a door shut in his face when he tried to be my knight. Yes I often point out to him that it was a good warning to run for the hills. Alas he didn't, and we ended up married with children. Scary. I'm one of those people who probably shouldn't have bred but hell they're here now, and if anything they're cute.

So the nuclear part of our family: Umberto, 6, Camille 3, and Piper Blue 14 months. They're nutsy little fairies but we love them and shelter them. Sometimes we even feed them.

Thanks for sharing your families, hope you enjoy mine.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The Bitch is Back

After a umm...issue...I deleted the last blog. But never fear Green Tea Ginger is back, and yes oh yes she's badder than ever before.