Who Is Green Tea Ginger

Ginger aka GreenTeaGinger is a former graduate student who is pretty burned out on the academy. She followed her husband to the new Athens (aka Georgia) where he is finishing his Ph.D and she is spinning her wheels trying to figure out what she might want to be if she ever grows up. She likes to tell people she's the supportive academic wife because it makes her sound bitter.

The Story Thus Far:

The plan had been to have one child, travel the world as pretentious intellectuals. Some how plans were derailed with the arrival of each beastie. Five in all. The Beasties are a varied bunch of critters. Umberto has epilepsy. Camille has Asperger's. Piper has an anxiety disorder. Rowena is a toddler. Jude has Down syndrome. Oh we are also a multi-cultural household since H hails from the deep deep South (aka Mexico). But in our world they are all typical and unique. We value difference and humanity in this house.

Now the plan is to help the academic husband survive graduate school, homeschool a pack of wild beasties, and lots of knitting. There are plans to travel to places not imagined before: Cuba for example. Sometimes the New World is more alluring than the Old World.

Days with the beasties are sometimes frustrating, usually awesome, and always an adventure. Sometimes the life you imagined is not the life that gives the most joy. While still struggling with identity crises, Ginger is pretty damn happy in her little house in Athens.