Who Are the Beasties?

The beasties are my children. They earned their name because of their undying love of the Beastie Boys and because they are, well, beastie like. In a good way of course. I've asked the older ones (those who can talk) to tell me a bit about themselves.

Umberto also known as Beastie Boy is our oldest. He is entering his teen years so life is shall we say interesting? Because he's a teen, he won't give me any information. From what I see he's a little too into Xbox. He likes to read SciFi and comic books. He's been known to argue with me about the existence of ghosts (he's open to it, I'm not). He's pretty funny and sarcastic but he's also a total sweet kid who loves his sisters.

Camille was my first girl. I keep joking I wished so much for a girl, I just kept having more and more. Her words: I like animals quite a bit...well a lot. And I like to draw and reading a lot. I spend my days doing those things and riding on my scooter plus petting our cats. She also has a blog of her own: CatClaws Camille.

Piper is our third child and second girl. Here's what she wants you to know: I go to a funky little school called Freedom to Grow twice a week. I give big fat smooches to Jude. I like music mostly rap. I love to read (esp. Warrior Cats and fantasy books). I am an artist who loves drawing. I like walks with my family.

Rowena is our toddler addition (at least currently..we hope she will outgrow this stage as they all did). Really though she's pretty hilarious and now that she's talking she provide endless hours of amusement. She is also incredibly intense with is frankly a tad exhausting at times. Here's her take on herself: I like choo choos, ponies, puppies, dolphins. I like to play. I like to play with Aba's puppies. I eat M & Ms.

 Jude is the baby, and likely (please please let it be so) our last baby. She was born with an extra chronomosone on her 21st trisonmy also known as Down syndrome. Jude is pretty punk rock and all awesome. She spends her days enjoying the milkies, sometimes eating pured fruit, playing with an insane amount of toys, checking out her sibings, and trying to steal her sister's panda. Currently she enjoys eating board books more than reading them. She also likes to dance.

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