Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Thing Camille Has Been Scared Of

Camille is delightfully eccentric. Anyone who follows this or my blog knows this about her. Even her fears are outside of the norm. I figured I'd put them here as someday this will no doubt will be a wonderful way to torture her around friends. So in no particular order:

1. The giant ice cone at Harris Teeter. When Camille was a baby, we used to show up a Harris Teeter nearby that feature a HUGE plastic ice cream cone hanging over the freeze. When she was really little (9 months or so) she would just turn her head. We didn't really notice at first but then one day I caught it:
Me: H, look she's scared of that cone thing!
H: No way. Hey Camille look at the cone!!!
Camille: NOOO!!!! WHAAAAAAA!!!
Us: Uproarious laughter (cause we're sick and want to psychologically damage our children).

After that whenever we went into Teeter, she would sob if we walked down that aisle. We considered putting this fear on her daycare application.

2. The opening music to the remake of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. She LOVED the movie but was so scared of the beginning that she would hide behind the chair. Once the opening credits were over, she'd sit down and watch. At first, we thought she was scared of the actual opening but one day we discovered the truth. H bought the kids the soundtrack to the movie, and we were playing it for them in the car. While as soon as the opening music came on, Camille screamed "TURN IT OFF!!!" over and over until we did. It was the music not the opening.

3. The owls in the Harry Potter movies. Doesn't every other kid love them?

Right now she just told me she's scared of snakes and spiders.

Just in (direct Camille quote) "Oh yeah, from Alice in Wonderland? The Queen with the huge head? She kind of freaks me out."

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Horacio said...

Camille? She kinda freaks me out!