Thursday, October 21, 2010


A homeschool friend has instituted weekly hikes. We missed this week's hike but we got to go last week. I'm really excited about this as I've been wanting to get the kids moving more. I'm envisioning a day when we can do some real serious hiking. And this time of year is just made for hiking. It's cool with the leaves blazing in their change.
 Fall days!
 Before our walk.
 In the Nature Center. We got there a bit before our friend so the kids played in here. It was hard to drag them out!
 Dinner! The girls were very excited to see the snake's dead rat lunch. They were hoping he'd feed while we there but no luck.
 Love Beastie P's big eye here.
Practicing with the binoculars. deceiving. They're cuddling and they appear to get along. Do not be fooled.

Beastie Boy checking out some things.
On the Dragonfly Pond trail. We started with an easy trail to start.

 Checking out a rotted log looking for bugs.
 Using the observation stuff the center gave us.
 At the pond!

 My big boy.
And my little sprite.

Camille did surprisingly well on the hike. She really doesn't like walking and she's always the first to start complaining that she's tired. I think it helped that we walked to the pond with friends. On the way back, however, we walked back a lone as I needed to get to work. She wasn't too thrilled with the walking at that point.

Baby Beastie loved the hike and stayed up for the whole trip. She normally goes to sleep when we walk.

The end, right before mama realized she was going to be late for her class!

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