Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Year of Pleasures 27

New Friendships.

I had high hopes for making friends in Athens. It seemed like the perfect place to meet like-minded people. But after the first month I was feeling pretty discouraged. I hadn't meet anyone in the area I really connected with, and it seemed like the homeschooling folk were hiding out. It was a lonely month for all of us.

And then September happened. First, I meet up with "an internet" friend's group. I liked the other moms and Umberto was thrilled to meet a bunch of boys. They usually meet at a park that's a bit of a hike for us but totally worth it a couple of times per month. I finally screwed up my courage and "invited" a woman I meet a PE class to be Facebook friends. She's a very peaceful person and I find her really calming. She's easy to talk too and we share a common interest in religion (on a personal not academic level). Then I hooked up with an old friend from Charlotte and her son who is a bit older than Umberto but not by much. We had a great time talking academic religion. And finally I meet the family above at the UGA Catholic Center. The mom is interesting and fun, and great to talk too. We share a lot of parenting ideas so that's nice. She had THREE daughters much to Camille and Piper's delight.

We started October with a bang too and it looks like we found an excellent Girl Scout troop. Plus I'm making friends in my RCIA classes.

I feel so fortune to be building up a community. I"m hoping good things grow from these seeds.

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