Tuesday, September 04, 2012


Time to get back into capturing those moments of bliss...those tiny quiet pleasures that make you realize the fullness of life.

Today it's this:

Beastie Girls.
Cooking with beasties is not always fun...it takes a special source of patience to deal with the little hands wanting to help. But they love it so much, and I love watching these two beastie girls help each other out. And then of course while we're cooking, we're enjoying that rockin' speech by Michelle Obama. Piper said at one point "She has brown eyes like us!" and at the end "She's awesome mom!" I'm thankful that I get to raise my girls in such a way that they get to strong, intelligent woman in public political spaces. In this world, in this time, we can bake cakes and take on the political world. It struck me that I'm usually really focused on Umberto having a role model in Obama (Umberto loves Obama) but tonight I realized how important it was my girls to see and hear woman like Michelle as well. 

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