Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Rainbowsouffle Giveaway

Even my giveaways have to start with a story....

When we lived in Charlotte, we used to go to the Barnes and Noble in the Southend almost every weekend. Rowena began this tradition with us as a weebaby and one evening she attracted a beautiful little admirer. This is how we meet Marybeth creator and owner of RainbowSouffle. We ended up having quite a few friends in common (homeschooling/natural living community). Marybeth's daughter (the R admirer) always wore the cutest skirts and it came out that Marybeth MADE them. I was duly impressed since I can barely sew a button on and told her she should sell them. I was thrilled when she started an Etsy shop.

One of my favorite products from Rainbowsouffle is the Jetpack toy. I was so excited when she sent one for R to play with and for us to both review.  We choose a jetpack in pink because sometimes R is a girly girly type:) 

The packs also come in silver. I love the pink of this pack though because it's not soft and stereotypicaly girl pink. There's a pop to it that makes it a little on the punkier side.

 I also love how colorful and fun the buttons are, and flames? Well flames are always good! Everything is sewed on tight and I didn't worry at all about R being rough (she plays hard).

Most importantly R loved it. 

She was super excited to get a package in the mail and then even more excited to wear the pack. She loves running around with it on and pretends to be flying. I love how the toy is lovely and simple in that wonderful complicated way that good toys are....it's simple in the sense that it doesn't have all the nosiy gadgets but it's full of potential stories and play. Really the best kind of toy. All of RainbowSouffle’s products are crafted with love and care. They would make an excellent gift for any parent interested in fostering their child’s imagination in a rich and fun way.

I asked Marybeth a few questions so everyone can get to know her. I even learned some new things.

Who she is and what she does:

Hi! My name is Marybeth, and I am a (self-proclaimed) happy, hippie, sew-at-home mama to my 4yo whirlygirl Teylor. I run a colorful Etsy shop called Rainbowsouffle, and recently founded a popular Natural Parenting Site dedicated to highlighting companies, products, and programs Natural Families can trust called Natural Mom Reviews. My etsy shop is my portal for offering family friendly, kid friendly creations that meet our family values, or are dreamt up by my daughter- such as my wearable jetpack toys! Teylor is probably the most creative person I know, and she is constantly inspiring me to dream bigger, and help make her dreams come to life in the process. Last year she wanted to dress up as a character from her favorite game (Doodle Jump!) and begged me to make her a JetPack to play with. So I did, and they've been such a blast to make for kids everywhere! Near Halloween, she asked me to make her a rainbow dinosaur tail, and so the Rainbowsaurus was born. I also list (from time to time) children's shirts that say "I  My Moms!" or "My Dads Rock!" which are my tribute to celebrating families of all types and colorful kids like my own.

Why do you think natural living is so important?

Why do think natural living is so important? I think natural living is important because it's best for the health and safety of my family as a whole, for us as individuals, and for planet earth. It's not always easy or even achievable, but I strive to live as simply& as naturally as possible

Favorite Mama moment? 

My favorite mama moment so far has been listening to my daughter read her first book. The sheer joy and pride I felt for her, as well as the self-confidence she gained from discovering reading has been insurmountable. I suspect it will never lose its magic for her, just as reading is one of my favorite things as an adult. 

What are you reading right now?

I am reading 'The Count of Monte Cristo' again. It is my favorite book and I read it at least once a year, sometimes more depending upon how quickly I finish it! 

And what's your idea of the perfect Sunday? 

My idea of a perfect Sunday is sleeping in late, walking or biking to the park as a family, having a picnic by a stream while the birds and squirrels chatter around us, napping in a hammock, ordering some yummy Chinese takeout for dinner, and watching funny movies before bed.

RainbowSouffle is generously offering a giveway of either an awesome Jetpack or $40 worth of other items from her site. All you need to do is comment on this blog and go like Marybeth’s wonderful Natural MomReviews! The beasties and I will do a drawing on Friday for one lucky winner! I hope everyone takes the time to go look over Marybeth’s lovely items, and to check out her reviews (she has some great products over there and she does lots of fun giveaways too!).


Julia said...

I adore Marybeth's shop! My daughter has a ring sling from their and loves it! My favorite book is also Count of Monte Cristo. :)

Magaly Martinez said...

I will now be a fan of the blog:)!

Grace said...

Those are super cute! My boys would love to play with one! it would go perfectly with the masks I just picked up for them!

juliebugsmama said...

I love that jet pack toy!!! What a creative way to inspire imagination! Thanks for sharing (and I hope I get picked! I think Jonathan would look adorbs with a little jet pack!)
Hugs, Lara (juliebugsmama)

heather said...

I love the jet pack! My 3 year old son is really starting to be creative. He loves playing rocket ship and would adore having a jet pack :)

rhiannon said...

I love the jet pack. And the name of the store. Considering L wants to be "a rainbow" when she grows up.

jisun said...

You don't know how much spaceship stuff goes on in our house right now. Second only to anything ballet related. We have, in fact, had extraterrestrial ballerinas. The boy balley dancers have extra arms to lift more than one ballerina at once.

Liz said...

Cute stuff!

Stacey said...

Love her shop! Thanks for sharing.

Diane Hill said...

Awesome stuff! I'm so glad you shared this!

Erin D said...

I adore her shop & have even purchased from her before. She is amazingly sweet & I'm happy I've gotten to know her through twitter. I've had my eye on her jetpacks for some time but unfortunately the finances haven't been there just yet so I'm so excited you both are giving us the chance to win one. I follow her natural parent review website also including on twitter.

Ian Roig said...

Those jetpacks are terrific! Our boys are fascinated by space travel, and I know they'd absolutely love playing with one! Thanks, also, for introducing us to such a useful, well-organized new resource site.

Anonymous said...

I had not heard of RainbowSouffle before now. My girls would love to shop there :) How wonderful that you got to meet someone so cool in person. Jennifer