Tuesday, July 23, 2013

(3) on the 21st

One Truth: What's so wonderful about Jude is what's so wonderful about my other beasties. I spent a lot of time while pregnant thinking about how Jude would be different from the rest of us. Now that she's here, she's clearly just one of the beasties. Yes, she is her unique self as all my other kids are their unique selves. Jude will her own set of challenges but that that is not unique to her or to people with Ds. Most of us do not sail through life with nary a worry. My hope for her is the same hope I have all my beasties: may we raise them to be strong enough to fight the power.

One Tip: Work with your children and not against them. This is not a caveat to just allowing everyone to run amok and it's not nearly as easy as it sounds. I am hardly a paragon of patience, and often I literally step outside my door and scream in frustration. But when I am able to see my children as having equally valid ways of being in the world, I am able to reassess different ways of seeing things. My way is not always right simply based on me being an adult. And because I can compromise with my kids, they are starting to learn to compromise with me.

One Photo:
Jude was born TO rebel. Well at least she'll be raised to:)

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Crystal Rhew Staley said...

Love the photo of Jude!!

Jisun said...

First, that tip, seriously hard! And it causes quite a bit of bothersome self reflection. :p

Second, I <3 Jude.