Friday, May 28, 2010

Day In The Life 1

I am totally stealing this from an online friend. I love this idea and I hope she doesn't mine if I grab it:) This a photo commentary of a day in our life. I took these photos two weeks ago on Camille's birthday...also the day of the home invasion. Before that incident it has been a wonderful day. Thus these pictures are even more special as a reminder of much we have to be thankful for, and that ugliness can not take the beauty of my life.

6 am: This is what I woke up too Friday morning. I nursed her and then H took her out with him so I could sleep some more. He brought her back an hour later, I nursed her and then we slept for a couple more hours.
11 wakey time for mama and baby. My bedside stand with all my partially read novels.
While the coffee is brewing, I check on my sleeping beasties. Yeah we are all night owls except for poor H.
Camille, the birthday girl is up, and grooming her birthday present!
Back to the coffee...
Yeah I check facebook while partaking of my coffee...
Piper waking up on daddy's lap...
After breakfast nap...
Feed me? Please? It doesn't matter that I just ate a can of cat food....
We love getting mail! Umberto is always expecting something fun even though we usually just get bills.
Impromptu game of hopscotch while waiting for mom to pack the diaper bag.
H and!
My driver...
The best way to eat out is with a baby in the sling...

At the Mexican restaurant requested by Camille for her birthday lunch.
Camille awaiting her tacos.

This is why they love having their birthday dinner here...the waiters come out with a hat and they sing happy birthday in Spanish to you:)
Walking to the playground across the lake from the restaurant.

While the kids play, the blueberry passes out from mama milk overload.
Hanging out on the playground with numerous stuffed kitties...

Ducklings! We got an extra surprise while surveying the water fowl.
The beautiful birthday girl overjoyed at the surprise ducklings

Camille requested a stop at the pet store. We got to see puppies, parrots, bunnies, and iguanas.
Getting the blueberry settled so we can bake cake!
Piper gets the bowl out for cake.
Eggs ready to go!
Camille is an excellent cracker! Egg cracker that is.
The horse cake pan. Ikea rules my world!

Camille reads to Rowena while we wait for the cake to bake.
My impromptu kitty cupcakes for Piper.
Everyone helps put sprinkles on the finished horse cake. And do note the horrible frosting job. I seriously can not frost a cake.
Oh no the cake is on fire!!! Not really just an optical illusion but it does look really scary.
Piper didn't have cake on her birthday so she got to do a belated blowing out of the candles.
As a grand finale we went to Movie in the Park night at Freedom park. We had to wait for it to get dark which took like an hour!
The girls entertained themselves by playing tag, rolling down the hill, and just running around wildly.
Rowena decided to just take a nap which inspired Piper to "nap" for like five seconds before commencing to once again run about wildly.

Camille resting on my well padded lap. Gargh even my normally really thin legs are fat!
After the movie we went to the Taj Mah Teeter. This store is part of a local grocery store chain, Harris Teeter, but this one outshines them all by being huge and stocked with everything kind of food under the sun. Plus it's located in the fancified South End. One thing I love about homeschooling is that we don't worry too much about bedtimes so a late run to the grocery store is a total norm with us. It sounds silly but we really do have a good time on these little outings. We walk around, get free cookies, check out new foods, and scare the customers. Good times!

Camille walking her birthday present in the store. We actually had a clerk approach us because they thought the dog was real.
Sleeping baby cuddling with daddy. I forgot our sling at the house so we had to take turns carrying her through the store.
And finally "goth" baby. Shortly after this was taken someone broke the door to our house down and kind of put a shadow on what had been such a great day. Of course it was hilarious watching the police try to figure out what was going on with Rowena's lips. Imagine if they had known my nipples were the same color.


Greywillow said...

I love this, thanks for sharing. We were at the park that night too, I hate we didn't see you there were way too many people there. I am glad you got to catch all these special sweet moments.

gman's_mom said...

Love the pics and the commentary...Hooray for "Goth" lips & nipples! Hence the name bluberry? hahahahaaaa