Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Day 1

I didn't have big plans for today. H had a job interview 2.5 hours away and I've gotten rather use to him being around. Plus I was anxious about this interview. It's a great job and it's in a place where we would LOVE to live. But it means moving again. But it's a job! A good one. With a three year contract. So you can see where my mind was when I got up.

Mornings are always a little hectic. H has pretty much taken over breakfast duty as I am usually pumping. I need to get a store of milk up for the Fall when I go back to work. But this morning H wasn't around and of course as soon as I got, beasties 1 and 3 got up as well. And they wanted food now. For the last week or so, I've been rereading John Holt. Now I have lots of thoughts on this stuff but for now I'll focus on a positive: letting kids do their own thing. So I said "Hey why don't you make your own breakfast since I'm busy." I directed Umberto from the chair as he put the kettle on, turned the stove on, got out an oatmeal packet, etc. Piper choose to have a taquito which she microwaved herself. They were so proud to do this simple task. I realized I really do need to let them have more freedom to take care of themselves. It is often easier for me to do just clean up after them or make their meals but they take a lot of pride in doing things on their own.

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The Fearless Freak said...

Umberto is a little older than C right? We have the following conversation every morning.
C: what is for breakfast?
Me: Dude, you are 8 years old. What are you getting yourself? (we keep a store of cereal and other DIY foods at all time)
C: I don't wanna make my breakfast
Me: Then I guess you are going to be hungry until lunch
C: I want cereal
Me: In the cabinet, milk is in the fridge. Use a bowl.
C: whine whine whine

He is the laziest kid ever! Not only doe he not pick his clothes, if I would actually dress him in the mornings, he would happily lay in his bed until I pushed him out of it.

Fortunately, his sister is smart enough to feed herself pretty much anytime she wants food instead of waiting around for me.