Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Suck At Blogging But Make a Passable Homeschooling Parent

Obviously blogging everyday was a big fail. I should know better than to make such grandiose promises. New baby plus three homeschoolers doesn't equal lots of leisure time to write languidly about homeschooling and parenting. Foolish me. I'm too busy DOING to write. And by the time the wee beasties are tucked into bed, I am right behind them snoozed out with my tiniest beastie nestled close.

So no commitments. I just hope to keep a somewhat regular of what's going on with us in terms of homeschooling and also some thoughts I have about the whole experience. Really a day in our life is kind of boring written out. The doing is infinitely better than the reading.

Learning is such a subtle thing. It's often hard to pinpoint just when someone is learning something. And let's face it, how often have we thought someone (a friend, a student, our child) was learning only to discover that well, they didn't really get it? Homeschooling is not exception to this, and frankly, most of our learning happens when I'm not looking for it and when I least expect it.

So stayed tuned for some posts. I have some in my head that I need to write out and I'm sure newer post ideas will pop up.

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