Friday, August 20, 2010

It's Time Of That Year...Again.

So this is my fifth birthday post since I started this blog. Holy whatever!

This year the little life that was inside me last year is now this:

Sometimes I am not sure if I deserve such happiness but mostly I just embrace it.

The last year was eventful. We started the kids at school and then took the kids out of school (again). I had an amazing, wonderful birth. H lost his job. H got another job. We had a home invasion. U was diagnosed with epilepsy. We moved.

It was one of those crazy years where life just kind of up and slaps you across the face a few times. But it could have been so much worst. And really last year was wonderful overall. U's epilepsy allowed us to get him help which lead to a breakthrough on his reading ability. Dealing with school, helped us to reevaluate what we wanted for our family. And lovely little R has given us all joy. Despite all the yucky of last year, the joy is what remains strong.

Because this year I didn't question it .I embraced it. I embraced being pregnant and the changes that enveloped my body. I embraced loving being a mom and being with my children. I embraced teaching and relished reaching the five or so students who get it each semester. I embraced my marriage and the luck I had at finding someone who loves the things I love. Each moment of joy is worth a lifetime of mediocrity.

And next year,well, I'm ready. We've got a lot going on: grad school applications (yes we're really doing it this year), teaching for both us (H at a new school...middle school this time around), more homeschooling, R's wonderful infant year....and no doubt plenty of surprises which we'll meet with the same kind of crazy passion we meet everything.

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Lolabola* said...

Happy late Birthday!!

I love this photo. It's so amazing in so many ways.