Sunday, August 08, 2010

Night Wanderings


R's first extended time in a back carry. She seemed to enjoy it.

This is the building that houses the Matthew's library. I love the tower thing on top and always wonder if one can go up there and look through those windows.

H and U fooling around. I'm still a little taken back whenever I see a picture of U next to one of us. He's so tall now. He's slowly becoming a man.

The fam.
Mama ruined U's cool moment. And don't worry R was more secure than she appears to be in this picture:) We kept checking.
P posing as a street urchin in the harsh urban life of Matthews, NC/

C waiting for us to catch up. 

The Matthews Community Center. I've never actually been inside but we've explored the outside often enough.

H trying to jolly up C. It worked believe it or not.

A lonesome bus.

H and R sharing a moment.

U goofing it up.

Haunted building.

The kids are starting to lag on the walk. It was very hot out.

The Matthews Community Center up close.

P giving H a booster (what we call a push when one is one a bike and needs to get going).

Only way back home.

Electric H and R.

This is U's electric cowboy moment.

A reminder of little Maine general stores. A bit of nostalgia in a Coke bottle.

A couple of women had justed by whispering "That's the cutest baby." I figured I ought to have a picture of the cutest baby.

C trespassing. 

P following her older sister's bad example.

U very unenthusiastically doing a silly dance for me. He's at the age where his parents are dreadfully embarrassing. 
Piper showing off her pine cone treasure.

Our end time. Another evening walk completed.


Aimee said...

Oh Ginger, your family is GORGEOUS! I actually teared up looking at them. What a lovely group of people!

Ginger As in Green Tea... said...

Thanks Amiee. You too have a lovely family. I love reading your blog and seeing pictures of your darling baby:)

Horacio said...

I love our nightly walks: we usually start summoning dusk and end cloaked in the night.
The streets have a different feeling at night: like we own them, like we make them ours, every corner lit with our gaze, or the flash of the camera.
I'm loving our life of shared nightly walks with beasties!