Sunday, August 14, 2011

A Day in the Life...Moving

 I ate breakfast surrounded by boxes and odds and ends. Strangely we left the table cloth on until the very end. Not sure why....I suspect one could make a psychological explanation.

The two little girls woke up early with H and I. And this is our final picture of "the chair." Yes it was hard to not shed a little tear when we left it at the dumpster. This chair was given to us right before I had Camille. I nursed three babies in that chair and H spent many an afternoon napping with a wee baby in his arms. But alas it was time to say good-bye. The thing was a safety hazard at this point.

And the two older kids slept in as usual...we had moved the mattresses to our room for the final night.

The first arrivals. This is the early team of helpers.

The evil homeschooling shelves.These suckers were heavy...

We kept telling him he had to be careful with his back!

In the beginning was the biggest U-Haul van ever. Everyone gave me shit because it was a monster...but wait until you see the after picture.

Pondering where things should go...note the woman behind them just doing...Go Buddha Janna Go.

The Xbox was the very last thing to leave. I still think we should have worked them into a fine exhaustion.
The woman work while the men play Words with Friends upstairs. And do note how fill the van is...not everything was in at that point. Ginger for the win with world's biggest U-Haul truck.

Lunch on our bar...almost done! 

Everything is mom vacuumed for was starting to get pretty real.

The evil trailer...more on that later. But yeah we hauled the Accord behind the truck. 

I think Jason and H were feeling pretty manly about mastering the tow.

My mom and Umberto. We were both getting teary eyed at this point. And then we were off driving into an ending thunder storm. We had initially planned to spend the night in Charlotte but our landlord wanted to meet in the morning so we figured it would be best to spend the night in Athens. It took us forever to just leave Charlotte. We stopped to get coffee, and then had to drop a movie off at Blockbuster. This wouldn't have been a big deal except that H had to back up the U-haul in order to get into the parking area by Blockbuster. He spent about a half hour getting the car back on the tow harness. Then we had to get gas...we finally left Charlotte around five. But we couldn't go faster than 55 because of the tow. Nor could Horacio back up. This made everything from getting gas to eating a royal pain the ass. At one gas station, the truck was too big to get into the gas line but we couldn't move because H had to drive through this area that was filled with cars and bikers. I think we sat there for about 15 minutes. We didn't get to Athens until 10 and then H almost got stuck under a railroad bridge. Thankfully he was smart enough to stop. The police came along and helped him get the car off the trailer and then the trailer off the U-Haul which he had to back up.And then they gave us an escort to the hotel.. It was utterly exhausting...but we made it, and the next day we unload everything into our new home.

We're in love but we still need furniture. Once we have everything I'll post some pictures of our new home.

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