Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cats and well more Cats...

I realize it's been a while since I've updated about our homeschooling life. We're still having lots of fun outside of the house. I don't think our home school life would be complete without lots of walks, creeks, and small adventures.
 The girls are getting ever more adventuresome and lately it's been walking across logs. These logs it should be noted are usually crossing streams or lakes (Camille fell into a pond a few months ago). H was a little nervous about this one as it was pretty high up so he joined them to offer help.

 Beastie Boy is an awesome big brother. I always think there will be a special bond between these two as he was there for right from the beginning.

The Fam being fab. We make quite a gang whenever we go out:)

Athens has lots of wonderful places to play. We go downtown quite a bit. Last week the beasties had a lesson in civil protest when we brought them to an Anti-Walmart rally.
 They want to build a Walmart in the downtown area which is so absurd. The downtown area is just to small for that kind of structure, and in addition,Walmart just sucks.

Here are the girl beasties just chillin' while we listen to speakers.

 We've done projects. Here the beasties are making cookie Roman columns aka Story of the World. I've been using her curriculum off and on since Fall, and kind of decided to go with it in January. We're supplementing with tons of other books of course. And we are so not regular or steady with it. Shocking I know.

 There have been dance parties.
And field trips...chocolate making fun here.

For the most part we're still rather laid back. As always I have grand plans on Sunday that kind of fall apart by Tuesday. We're doing a lot outside the home now. The girls are doing Girl Scout's and a craft club. Camille wants to take knitting lessons this summer. Umberto is going to start guitar lessons soon. We have a regular set of friends we go hang out with during various days of the weeks. And while I am reassured that my beasties do well on their own I do feel like we need to push certain areas now that Umberto is getting older (12 in June!!!!). He's expressed wanting to go to college so I kind of laid out what would have to happen for him to get accepted. Since that conversation he's gone willing to his work when asked. Camille is another story, and I struggle to find a balance between pushing her and letting her do her own thing.

They are creative and resourceful which I deep down believe is really key to living a full life. Even their computer play of late has been role playing Warrior cats on Roblox with various other users. Camille has been using tutorials to make Manga Warrior cats, she even taught Umberto to draw them.

Piper knows all the stories because of Umberto and Camille retelling them to her. Now they're busy thinking about creating a Warriors role playing game like Dungeon and Dragons. This kind of thinking keeps me from despairing too much over my big FAIL with a strict curriculum.

And finally...R is one sassy baby. She's fit right into our lives...hard to believe she wasn't always with us.

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