Monday, March 26, 2012

Out There

As I uploaded pictures to Facebook, I reflected momentarily on how we look like we're always doing something. Picture after picture of roams in the woods, chilling in cafes, walking downtown, doing things with our friends. If you were to base our life on these pictures, I thought, you would think that we are always out. And then I realized we really are out there...a lot.

When we were choosing a house in Athens, we did look at a couple of places that were bigger with slightly higher rents. But in the end, we decided on a lower rent, a smaller house and a great walkable neighborhood. It was a good choice. Our house is not so small that we drive each other insane. We all have space if we need it. But we are not ever far from each other. Not that matters because our life is not just in here; it is out there. We live in Athens, GA. We live in its parks, its cafes, its library, its bookstores, its streets.

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Xeminia said...

i'm so glad that you all have settled into athens. we still miss you in charlotte! but it seems as if you have it all figured out. (:

keep blogging!