Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3 For 21

With a Little Moxie started a mini-blog hop for World Down syndrome Day. Here's my tiny contribution!

Fact: People with disabilities are just as human as the rest of us. This seems so obvious but when you take a moment to look at how people with disabilities are treated in our society it's apparent we have a ways to go. I notice this more now that I have Jude. When walking with her on campus at UGA, I am stunned at the lack of access for wheelchairs as we move about. When I read people trying to justify the use of the word "retard" on the internet (it was just a little joke on Tater sauce right?). When people act when I tell them Jue has Down syndrome. I could go on. But simply put we all need to be aware of the inequality around us and make change to see that happen. This means recognizing the common humanity in us all while also appreciating and honoring the differences we bring to the table.

Fallacy: People with DS are always so happy. I know people mean well when they tell me that all people with DS are so happy, caring, compassionate, etc. And of course I hope that Jude embodies these things just as I hope ALL my children do but when you stereotype a group of people even in a positive ways it takes a way from their humanness a bit. I say this gently because again I realize this is not the intention. In addition, I think that what a lot of people mean when they say someone is happy is kind of a fall out of not being very smart. Jude will experience the great range of human emotion as we all do. And Jude is not stupid. She's going to learn slower, and she's going to learn different but that doesn't mean she's happy and dumb.

And just as proof of the above, here's our picture:


TUC said...

Love the proof pic :-)

Diane Hill said...

Still super cute though!

Amber T said...

Agreed! Adorable, even when crying!!

Carrie Scharf said...

awww love the pouty lip :-)

Meriah said...

hahahahaha!!!! oh man. she's going to LOVE that picture when she grows up!