Sunday, August 09, 2009

Summer's Almost Over

Well at least summer vacation is almost over. We have until Autumn Equinox for the official end. And if one went by weather maybe until the end of October. But for us the summer is winding down. Next week, H has one day at work, but we have the rest of the week to hang out at the pool.

The kids actually seem ready. Lately they've spending more and more time hanging around while we do things in the living room...a sure sign that they're bored. They've asked for things to do, complained bitterly when we have no out of house plans, and basically follow us around looking morose. Umberto has taken to asking every few hours how many days until school as if an hour passing will result in a whole day gone.

But Camille..despite being bored....seems to be getting a bit more apprehensive about the idea of school. She asks me a few times about friends: will there be girls in her class? Will they like her? She's been trying on clothes, I think, to pick out outfits for school. But even while this nods to excitement, she's also started to grow more frustrated. If she's working on a worksheet, and she messes up, she starts to cry even though no one has said anything. She yells at Umberto and Piper more something they all do but she has taken it to a new level. Any thing they do that annoys her, no matter how little, results in a screaming in your face attitude. I recognize these small signs of stress, and am trying hard to assure that all will be okay.

It's difficult to watch your child stress. She seems so young to worry about these's an awful burden for such a small girl to bear. But I know that deep down she is happy, and mostly content. I can only hope that we guide her well. Today, she half wanted to take the swimming test at the Y. She told me, she wanted to, and I wavered. I was afraid if she failed, she would lose it. We talked to her about what she would have to do, but then we both told her we believed she could do it. We told her we'd cheer her on as she tired. She decided not to after a few walks over to the area but she wasn't upset at not trying (normally she would be). She knew, perhaps, that we believed in her no matter what she choose to do, and throughout her life, all of their lives, I want them to know this.

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