Saturday, May 14, 2011

Moving On Up

Camille does not like being a little girl. She resents the inability to control all aspects of her life. She does not care for being told to her clean her room, brush her teeth, eat her dinner. It is not that she does not wish to do those things. She is perfectly fine about cleaning her room, brushing her teeth, eating her dinner. Rather she just hates that some one has to tell to do those things and she is not able to pick her own time and way to execute what needs to be done.

When Camille feels really fed up with being treated like a child, she acts like an adult. She looks down her nose, over her book and makes proclamations which make her mother say "Don't you take that tone with me, Missy!" She talks like a grown up, inserting her opinions into grown up like topics. Not that the grown ups always take time to listen or appreciate what she offers.

Camille plans her grown up years carefully. She will always wake up at the same time. She will have the same breakfast. She will eat her breakfast carefully while reading. She will fold her clothes neatly. She will got to her job. She will walk her dogs.  It will be an orderly, neat life.

Her mom says "Oh Camille do not grow up too fast. Enjoy your childhood."

And deep down Camille does enjoy some things about being a kid. She likes her toys. She likes being able to climb into bed with mom and papa when she's scared. She likes running wild outside, screaming and shrieking. She likes jumping into pools, rolled up in a tight ball, splashing water everywhere. She likes tea parties with her younger sister. She likes to curl up in a warm chair with a good book and no worries. Sometimes she thinks that being a kid really is the best. Not that she'd ever admit it to her mama.


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