Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Year of Pleasures 18

 My mornings are a bit more peaceful now that R has discovered the playroom. I enjoy this time where I can drink my coffee and play around for a bit before the onslaught of chores and class prep takes over my day. And there is also that joy in watching R become more independent and in seeing her become a proper beastie.
I love watching quietly from the door as she becomes incorporated into the play of the older beasties. Watching as she explores the toy bins looking for treasures. Watching as she tramples, baby style, the little worlds created by the others. They scream in mock horror turning her into a giant baby monster.  And even though there is a wistful longing for that newborn beasties, I relish the quiet time knowing that soon she will come back to me, seeking the comfort of my lap.

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