Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Year of Pleasures 14

New Beginnings.

As we moved slowly closer to July, I find myself filled with both excitement and dread. This is more than just moving to a new home which I really do enjoy. We are uprooting from a city that has been home (for better and worst) for almost ten years. It took us a long while but we eventually made friends. We are comfortable here. We know where to shop, where to hang out, where to get good coffee. And soon we will be packing up our things and moving to another town in another state. It's a little scary to leave.

And of course it's also exciting. We love Athens. Plus there is a sense that we are starting something new. It's a big way to make some changes. It's like a birthday and New Year's all wrapped into one. I'm a little nervous as it's a chance to focus on my writing and my children. I'm not sure what will come of either venture but boy is it heady to be giving it a try.

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