Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Year of Pleasures 19

Pool days. I admit it. I love pools. LOVE THEM. I love our lazy summer days spent hanging out at the pool, beer in hand.  I love having friends over while we float, talk, and get some relief from the heat. This is really R's first year for pool day fun, and she took to it as fast proving herself, yet again, a true beastie.
In Maine, there were whole summers where I went without swimming. Seriously. It was never that big a deal. But here in the South I have become a pool junkie. To the point, where I joined the Y when we lived in NODA so I could have access to a pool. I just couldn't live without those lazy lounging days. 
 The kids are pretty giddy about it too. And they are true swimmers. With a little help from H they all learned to swim super fast, and they're in the pool as much as we'll bring them (although they don't stay as long as we'd like to stay).

The only bad thing about our little house is no pool:( We seriously considered a complex in Athens just so we could have a pool but I realized that pool days might not be so fun with hundreds of college students. Likely we'll join the Y again. Pools are a necessity for this newly minted Southern girl.

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