Wednesday, June 08, 2011


The first inklings came from a grocery store run before a long drive back home. Our college's "Free Thinkers" club had gotten the university van, and joy rode to Portland to hear Hans Kung speak at some center. We left filled with optimism about the future of the Catholic church and about theology in general. We sang Ministry's New World Order, an apparent favorite phrase of Hans Kung, because even while we were quietly moved by his words, we were young enough to be able to poke fun as well. And then I was starving and insisted we stop a Shop and Save before making the trip through the late dark night. Once there I was insatiable and all the food had taken on an aura of beauty. I choose fresh bread, pepperoni(I was a vegetarian at the time), and olives. When I spread my feast out, my friend, yelled "You're pregnant!" And we all laughed hysterically. But I was pregnant.

I remember driving back, my head on his shoulder so in love and thinking that it would be pretty wonderful to be carrying his child. And I fell asleep fantasizing about our future. How was that we had meet when we came from such far away places? What were the odds that we would fall in love? That we would create life? When I woke up, it was with his eyes on me, and his hand in mine.


Amy said...

ummm...any connection between this post and your previous one?????

Ginger As in Green Tea... said...

Nope:P Not as far as I know LOL. I'm thinking a lot about how my life changed with motherhood.

ivory said...

Good god this is beautiful.