Thursday, June 16, 2011

Year of Pleasures 23

Family Movie Night.
Yes we have one. Take a few minutes to get over the shock. I know, it's such a suburbian family thing. And normally we just don't get behind that shit.
Well Camille LOVES it. And it totally has our little twist in that movie night is never scheduled. It happens whenever we have a cool movie that we all want to watch. This means it could be three times a week or once every two weeks. And again Camille LOVES it. She writes stories about it. She tells random strangers about it:
Camille to Walmart clerk: We're going to have a family movie night. I love it. We sit as a family and watch a movie. Sometimes we have pizza."

I admit that I love them as well. We lay on the floor in the playroom (we don't have a t.v. in the living room). We always have an array of snacks. But mostly there is the pleasure in simply watching something wonderful together. Last night it was The Cat Returns. We all laughed and then imagined Strike on his midnight adventures. These moments make me realize I need to spend less time here and more time there.

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Anonymous said...

Our family nights are like the cat's adventures at noon... strange, intense, funny, and definitely unforgettable.