Monday, June 06, 2011


Lately the hunger has been deep and insatiable. I sit down to eat hamburgers with cheese, chips, salads that flow out of big orange bowls. And it is not enough. At night when everyone is sleeping, I eat in the dark. Peanut butter on whole wheat bread, cheese sticks, bits of candy hidden away high in the cupboards. I lean against the counter, and unwrap Hershey kiss after kiss, slipping them into my mouth and savoring the chocolate, letting it melt against my tongue.

But I am still hungry. I do not feel sick as I eat melon and grapes. I am still hungry after bowls of black bean soup. I prowl the house looking for something to do besides eat. I knit and write blogs but my mind is filled with recipes. I imagine what I will cook for supper as I sit knitting. As I drive to work, I plan my meals with loving detail, salivating.

This hunger is often a little frightening. It does not fit in with my plans to become the thin girl. The hunger packs on the pounds as I wish inside to wear the clothes from two summers ago. I try to banish the hunger by standing naked in front of the mirror forcing myself to see the fat rolls. "Look!" I hiss at my reflection. "How can you be hungry when you see THAT?" But the only thing these exorcisms banish is my self-respect.

Normally I eat to keep feelings away or to bury them in the daze that comes from too much food. But I am not doing that. I am not eating until  I am sick. I am eating because I am so hungry. Life is a little crazy right now but it's that kind of exciting crazy. A crazy filled with possibilities. Why this hunger? Is it possible this is genuine hunger?

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Marybeth said...

If you're hungry, eat mama!!! Don't deny yourself food so you can look like someone else. You are beautiful and perfect, just as you are. Also, fat is not inherently bad. Too much in our culture, we associate a tummy with ugliness& it just isn't true, or fair to ourselves. Here's my rule of thumb: if it would make me sad to see my daughter talking about her body that way, I shouldn't do it; we are mirrors for our children who love us unconditionally.