Sunday, April 15, 2012

Beastie Baby Turns Two

Today was going to be A Day in the Life day but I totally forgot in my sleep haze to start the days with pictures. But nonetheless it was a special day. Our sweet little baby beastie is two! How time has flown and how much has happened since her auspicious arrival on Tax Day. We moved out of our dear little house in NoDa after the home invasion when she was only 6 weeks old.  We spent a year in the old complex which was a pleasant year. And then we moved from Charlotte to Athens, GA. Little Baby Beastie has had quite the upheaval in terms of living space but certainly not in love.

In fact, it just feels like she's always been with us. She fits right in with the other beasties: fierce and deter minded, no one leaves her out of the fun and games. R was her own self almost at once. We did the Oh she's like so and we do with them all but then after you've gone through all three kids, you realize that well R is just R. She has a fearsome temper (proving that for some twos..well you know the saying). She is not overly cuddly but she likes to gives kisses and hugs when asked. And she still snuggles with her mama at night. She's curious and bright and funny. Can you tell I"m in love...again?

Her birthday preparations started last night...

The older girls and I made cat cupcakes for our family party. R likes "kitties" and in fact likes animals of all kinds.

We woke up early for Mass and she was a grump. R needs her sleep and the rude awakening at eight did not make her happy.What did make her happy was getting to pick out her own outfit. She choose her "fowber" outfit. She did okay for most of the service but was starting to lose it at the end (we hung out in the overflow room where all us parents hide) and was screaming if the other kids got to close to her toys. After Mass, we went and picked up a balloon since she loves balloons. She was pretty psyched to get her own balloon.

Once we got home, H put together her water table.

She loved it as did Piper. I foresee a lot more outside time!

Of course she has to figure out that it's not a kiddie pool.

After playing, we ate lunch (hot dogs which are one of her favorites) and then we all had cake and sang Happy Birthday in Spanish and English. 

She took a bite and then told us "Yum!" 

She's in a much better mood after a nap and is now playing with the other beasties. It's hard to imagine a time when she wasn't here. A time when we even debated if we were going to try for another beastie. I'm pretty sure we made the right decision.

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