Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Year of Pleasures 10

Little houses. This is my new home. We signed the lease on Friday and we'll be moving in in July. I am so in love with my future little houses that I fantasy with the help of Ikea about how I'm going to get us all to fit into the little house. Umberto has decided he wants his own room so I'm using in my insomnia to plan on how I'm going to organize toys and shelves. I'm looking forward to living our principle and commitment to living in a simple way but I'm also scared. Will we kill each other with too much closeness? When I think about this morning, sitting on the couch with the beasties spread out in the living room, I think we'll be okay. We like cozy. And we have the huge lawn in front and a yard in back complete with garden beds. Our experience will take some work and some lessons in respect and the need for privacy. We will have to develop creative ways of craving out space for our projects. But I knew this was our home when we first pulled up. It's right. It fits us.

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