Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Year of Pleasures 8

Yeah I know it's early for this post but I need to reflect on the pleasures in my life right now as they happen. No point in filing them away until Thursday when their light can shine now. With that introduction, this pleasure is the developing relationship between Piper and Rowena. Now that Rowena is more interactive, Piper has actually started to get more jealous. We've had a bit of "hard loving" with Piper mauling Rowena. If we ask her to stop, Piper gets angry and sulky and heads to her room. It would be easy to focus on that jealously and feel discouraged about the girls ever getting along. But then there are these moments:

Because Rowena is more interactive now, and she's crazy about Piper. They roll around on the floor together. They play with stuffies and plastic animals. Piper talks to Rowena, and tells her stories. Watching this budding relationship is an honor, and a lesson about the good and bad about relationships. They're not always easy, and sometimes they involve negative feelings and hurt.
But in the long run, they usually offer joy.

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