Monday, April 04, 2011

At the Bus Stop

Today, insulated in my van with the air conditioning blowing, I stopped at the traffic light that is adjunct to a bus stop. Two men were talking. They were an unlikely pair. An old white guy with longish white hair and beard. A baseball cap pulled low over his eyes. The other man, young, black with a do-rag and earphones. They were laughing as they waited in the sweet breeze for the bus to haul in front of them.

I thought of a friend who had meet someone on the bus. Someone who became a friend of his wife, and whom I meet a hike. A wonderful person. And I thought of that meeting might not have happened if he drove to work like almost everyone else in this city.

And I wondered how my own world would look, I talked to random strangers at bus stops. If I unplugged myself from the insulation of private transportation. What stories would I be able to share if I sat at bus stops, and talked to unlikely strangers?

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