Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Ginger' Farm

Now H and I are not into property ownership at all. In fact, it's almost become a point of honor for us to have a family and not own. We do have many philosophical reasons for this, as well as practical reasons. Our extreme leftist leanings (dare I say the C word) make property ownership a complicated matter. We don't believe that we have any right to own this kind of material, etc, etc. And then on the practical level...well we move a lot. And we don't really know where H is going to end up after the Ph.D. We've always known that we don't want to live in Charlotte, and despite having been here for 11 years this has always been a temporary stop for us.

But now...well now we are moving to a place that we both love. Each time we visit, it just gets better and better. And suddenly we're wondering if this will be the place we end up. H noted that a lot of the professors did their Ph.Ds at UGA so it is a possibility. And we find it a very pleasant possibility. So we started the discussion about buying. It's still a tentative discussion, and it involves lots of financial planning which we are not good at for various reasons. And of course it's dependent upon H finding a tenure track position in the area...and this is all several years down the road...

Yet last night and this morning, I started to browse real estate. And I found this farm. It's perfect. The house is eccentric and beautiful. I love the windows, the wood stove in the living room, the wide open kitchen. I love the cozy bedrooms and the little nooks upstairs. There are garden beds, and a hen house and a greenhouse.  The big outbuilding would be perfect for company. There is room for animals. Horses and goats. I can imagine myself here for a good long time.

Funnily it's not the life I imagined for myself even last year but today it seems just right. Now to scrape up 400, 000.

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