Friday, April 29, 2011

Off Days

Yesterday was Piper's turn to have an off day. Everything set her off from rolling out of bed (on her own time I might add) to having to choose something at Smelly Cat instead of the nasty old convience store down the road. There were lots of tears, silent ones, that broke your heart a bit. Defeated. She'd hang her head, shuffle behind us, as fat tears slid down her checks, her hair partially hiding them from our view. These moments are not quite as annoying as they are sad. They are not the full out toddler meltdowns with lots of screaming and limb kicking. Instead these seem to be the emotional overloads that I can utterly related to. I have those moments where everything just seems so sad, so against you. Like life is rubbing you raw with steel wool.

I commented to H that this was Piper's day to lose it, and he said "Yeah when you have four there is always one. When the good days align together it's like a miracle." And this is true for us. I see some families were it really does seem like that alignment comes often but for us it's rare. It made me realize that I need to pay attention more to those moments and hold them close like the rarity they are.

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