Thursday, April 07, 2011

Year of Pleasures 13

This guy right here. He's sexy, smart, and a great dad. He's my best friend. When it really hit that I wasn't going to be doing a Ph.D program, at least in the near future, I feared that I H would not want to be with me. A big part of our life together has been a shared love of the academic. I was scared that he would want someone else. But it was a silly fear. We have a shared love of so many things, and the academic is only a part of that love. Throughout all this change, H has been my rock, as always. He has reassured me. Held me. Given me strength. Reassured me.

H is quite simply the foundation of joy.


Ivory said...

And he is so lucky to have YOU. <3

Horacio said...

Ivory is soooooo right.

Horacio said...

...and I'm honored to be in my favorite blog. YOU are the foundation of my joy ;)