Friday, September 07, 2007

City of Steeples

We have returned from Baltimore aka the city with a whole lot of steeples. No I didn't count them. But there are a lot. Anyway, it was a wonderful visit. Baltimore was cool after hot, steamy Charlotte. And also unlike Charlotte, Baltimore has not torn down every building older than 50 years.

But most importantly, the people I went to see were warm and welcoming. Ros and gang are proof that internet relationships are worth cultivating. I meet these wonderful, funny, smart women over the internet when Umberto was two and I was going to back to work. They supported me through two pregnancies, and the decision to go back to grad. school. And I also had a wonderful conversation about religion but that's for another post.

The woman in the store below totally freaked out over the kids. She kept coming out and giving us dirty looks. We weren't even going into her store. All that stress and worry for nothing.

The sex store we visited. Umberto was bummed he couldn't go into this toy store. It was very classy. And yes, I bought something but there are some secrets a girl needs to keep.

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