Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Heaven Knows I Really

Want this ice cream. Can you think of anyone else who could look at an ice cream cone with such smoldering lust? Is this what years of celibacy does to you? Suddenly ice cream starts looking really, really, really good?


Lolabola said...

it's somehow very interesting to see this with Ernesto's latest podcast playing in the background....say at around 16:50

Ginger said...

Okay now I'll have to go find that...from the newest podcast? We listened to a bit of it last night.
We're all becoing in sync with each other...scary eh?

Hey do you mind if I add you to my blogroll? I usually put the people I visit everyday...okay not everyday right now but I try!

Matthew said...

He looks a little bored by the ice cream to me. Maybe even a little sleepy. :)

I should have mentioned that last year when I was applying to grad programs, I kept listening to "The More You Ignore me, The Closer I Get." It has the lines "Oh let me in . . Oh let me .. Oh let me in." I felt like sending it to admissions committees with my application.

Horacio said...

Matt, awesome... i will send that song along with my applications for doc. programs.

i love this picture> Morrissey is such a pervert, lusting after an ice cream in such ways.

Ginger said...

See what you don't see here is that there is another picture where Morrissey is licking the ice cream. I'll have to add that one:)

And I agree that it is the perfect song for grad. applications.

Umberto's fav. song is "I have forgiven Jesus" because at one point the song goes "Do you hate me? Do you hate me? Do you hate me?" and Umberto said "Hey that sounds just like me."