Tuesday, September 04, 2007

A Taste

I have so much to write about but I also have to get ready for my independent study conference call tonight. So while I'd much rather be frolicking with you, my dear readers, I have to frolic with Foucault (no not so horrible). But I had to share...

Shortly after a frantic drive to drop the huge rental car (sob...I hated to part with it), rush back home to get H off to school, there was a knock on the door. A loud knock. Delivery man always sound as if they are going to break the door down. I assumed it was a clothes order from Old Navy (or Oh Baby as U refers to it). But no...it was Fed Ex with a small package. I couldn't recall anything I had ordered through Fed Ex but there was my name. I felt some trepidation upon opening the package. How often does one get wonderful unexpected things from Fed Ex? But it was wonderful, and expected but also surprising. I had ordered a used Foucault book from an Amazon dealer. And he had sent it FedEx with all kinds of wonderful subversive things including an anarchist primer. And there was a handwritten note..."Hello Ginger, I am including some Free materials that you may also be interested in. I hope you enjoy them. thanks Thadeaus."

And I did enjoy them. I also enjoyed this bit of intimacy from a stranger. A note, handwritten with an intriguing and wonderful name. When life drops these tiny surprises on me, I am always awed and a bit humbled.

Add to this a little chat with E this morning, and life is smiling happily upon G.


Horacio said...

MMMhhhh... i don't know, it sounds the templar knights to me: the name, the anarchy, the mystery.

Ginger said...

H you're just crazy about the templar knights...but isn't it cool? I kept the flier. It's on top of the Foucualt book. See you soon my sexy Latino lover.