Monday, August 27, 2007


There is the sound of Green Tea Ginger inhaling, deeply, filling her body with peace, and just a moment of stillness. I apology for the long silence. Life is insane once again, and I miss my blog but just can't find the time to write except for these brief glimpses and observations.


My weekend was spent a, cleaning carpets and b, working on an old paper. The carpet washing was hellish. I started at 11 and finished at about six. We celebrated having clean carpets by going out Mexican food. Tasty reward with a cold beer to wash it all down. The paper was also a bit hellish. A professor asked me to submit it for his edited volumne on religion and class. It was a bit to short so I needed to add some bulk. I hate, hate, hate creating filler. But it's done, and I'm very excited to be publishing an essay in a book!


On the GTA front, I'm loving the job. Of course that might change when I have 40 tests to grade and hand back. The class is quite enauthastic, and I've been making an effort to get to know them. So far so good. SM, the professor I'm TAing for, is a great lecuturer, and I'm making note of how he does his classes. Plus he's just totally cool, and it's fun to hang out with him. I'm also glad that we're repairing the damage done when I switched advisors. My fellow GTAs are also great...maybe too great as we seem to be distracting each other a bit. I bought a fat Buddha for my desk. There was no sugar for my coffee today. I tried Splenda. It was the foulest tasting stuff on the planet.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ I was in Target the other day, and sort of walking while looking. I felt this brush on my arm, and felt an surge of lust, I guess for lack of a better word. Looked up to see this kind of alternative guy, looking at me in a way that let me know he had felt the same thing. We just started for a moment before walking off. How strange those moments are. I didn't even see him really, just felt his arm brush mine. I felt and feel this way for H as well but with H it is much more intense. I can feel him from quite a way off.


Charlotte finally got a Trader Joe's and silly us went Sunday afternoon. It was hideous. The store was tiny, and crowded with tons of snotty, preppy people. They gave us dirty looks which lead to me ranting really loudly about how much I hated fucking republicans, preppy, SUV driving morons. I got even nastier looks but it was so worth it. The store itself...well it's cheap. But it's also a chain. And we felt sort of like we were betraying the local health food stores like the Home Economist by even being there. And then most of the stuff was frozen which we don't buy a lot of...and we ended up deciding to support local. So Home Economist we love you. We love your workers who are cool, knowledable, and funky. We love your customers even the preppy ones because they get that people like us make the whole health food store shopping experience an expereince. And we love that we can buy bulk not just the processed crap.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------We're going to Baltimore for the weekend to hang with Ros. I may have to kick some ass for her! Right now though I'm slowly getting ready for the trip. I packed snacks tonight. We're working on a mixed CD with the theme of guns and drugs. All ideas welcomed and encouraged. I'll post our final play list.

Love you all, dear readers, and I'll try to post something witty, intelligent, and mind blowing sometime soon.


Jon said...

Songs on Guns and Drugs: the first one on Ani DiFranco's 'With Teeth' LP is great but I can't remember the title, and then here's a reference to "guns and drugs" in the song 'Fuel' by her too. 'Needle of death' by Bert Jansch doesn't have any gun references, but it's quite obvious what it's about from the title... How about Bonnie "Prince" Billy's 'Death to everyone'?


Jon said...

The Ani DiFranco song I mention above is called 'To the Teeth', and is on the album 'To the Teeth', not 'With Teeth' as I originally thought, or remembered.

Ros said...

LOL about having to kick some ass for me! I know exactly what you mean about being able to sense that lust-presence from a distance -- I guess if we kill him, I won't have that problem anymore.

Ernesto said...

Your posts are always witty, intelligent and mind-blowing, Ginger.

We just can't get enough of 'em!

John B-R said...

Welcome back, if only for a minute. One track, about guns at least, tho there's no chance no drugs were involved,even if only years before this particular track was laid down, is Mazen Kerbaj's Starry Night:

And elsewhere on the web. Hope you can download.

Ernesto said...

I had forgotten to say- For the CD, you can't forget "Contrabando y traiciĆ³n", by Los Tigres del Norte.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, take off my hat o me quito el sombrero. I have a hard time getting stuff done and I don't have three kids! You're amazing! I wish you the best of luck for this year...and CONGRATULATIONS on the paper... it sure is a great achievement you must feel good about!

Horacio said...

I thought we had got a new carpet?!
Home Economist: yay!
Trader Joe's: big thumbs down! what a dissapointment... not that I was expecting anything better than the H.E.

Target channels the electric fuzz of lust and desire.

Baltimore get ready for us! Poe, guns and drugs.


Rebeka Lembo said...

I am perhaps going with the obvious about Neil Young's "Needle and the Damage done"?

argel said...

congrats for your essay!!!; and yes, things change dramatically when one has to mark 40 essays. big kiss

Ernesto said...

suffering from withdrawal already.