Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Half Naked Men And Blood Lust

This is going to end up being one of a series of posts about the movie 300. It started off as one post but I ended up trying to cover about 3 different topics. Thus I ended up with one long, nearly incoherent post. And I have to rush off to work soon so I thought...I'll do a series!

Part of my reason for watching this movie was this:

This as in, WOW! Holy Shit look at that body! Look at the glare! Look at spear. And as in: What is wrong with me? I don't normally find guys who are built like this hot? And I'm a pacifist so why is my libido going nuts every time this guy makes a flying leap with his sword? Why in the hell do I have this disturbing sexual response to blood lust?

And then I started thinking...wouldn't it be great if these were the kind of guys who went to night clubs? Wouldn't it be something to see half naked, fierce, well-built men? Wonder if the guys were the ones only wearing underwear? Hell, I'd start going more often. Maybe I need to start going to different night clubs.

Yes 300 was visually stunning, and I'm not just talking about the special effects. The Spartan men were simply beautiful in their brutality, their strength, their blood lust. There was not a man in the group who wasn't rock hard. Hell!

But really I do find my response disturbing. I do consider myself a pacifist, and I find non movie like scenes of violence gross and sickening. But when I'm watching a movie like this, I find myself sexually aroused. Argh. It's not something I'm necessarily proud of but it's an honest response. Why is this so sexy? Nature or nurture?


John B-R said...

I believe that if you went to certain gay clubs in the Bay Area what you are describing is exactly what you'd see

Ginger said...

Hmm...see that's what I said...I'm just going to the wrong clubs:)