Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Craving For Pain

Likely this craving is semi-brought on by Ernesto. No he doesn't inspire me to go out and hurt myself but he does seem to be sporting a lovely new tattoo (which he has said nothing about, instead he just leaves a tantalizing photo which leaves us guessing). After viewing the picture, I decided that it was really time to go out and add a few tattoos to join my lonely one.

For a while now I've been planning a black Chinese dragon as both H and U were born in the year of the dragon. And then tonight I found a couple of wonderful Ishtar symbols:

This one really resonates with me. I love that she is not totally "human" with the wings and clawed feet. And I also think that reworked on skin rather than stone it would radiate sexuality (appropriate for someone who has a "thing" for Ishtar). Obviously I'd need to do something to get this on paper, and since I have little artistic talent, I'm not sure I'm up to the task. But I'm going to try, and if I fail, maybe I can find someone who can do it for me. This is going to be a big one. I'm not sure where it would go. Maybe my arm? Any ideas dear readers?

The next one is smaller, and like the tat on my breast is an Ishtar symbol.

I think I'm going to go out next weekend and get this one. I'm not sure again where to put it but I have a couple of ideas....either my upper arm or on the inside of my arm/wrist....the wrist would hurt like hell but look so good...and okay in my sick little world, I'd enjoy the pain a little bit. Sidenote: Umberto

And since I'm in the spirit of decorating my body, I'm going to get my nose pierced when I get the star tattoo. I also have decided that when Piper weans I'll celebrate by getting my nipple pierced. And when I reach my goal weight, I'll do my navel again. Oh, I've missed the to keep myself from going nuts....


Jon said...

The second symbol does indeed resemble a compass rose. It would look beautiful on your wrist, but I can't help thinking that Ernesto's tattoo of a compass rose on his wrist influences me in my judgment here. It could, however, be great on the inside of a forearm (which would no doubt really hurt too).

Ginger said...

I am leaning heavily toward the inside of my wrist. I didn't know that Ernesto had one there as well though. Oh dear:)

I'll shot a photo once it's done. I'm going to try to get in next Saturday.

Ginger said...
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Ernesto said...

I love that that Ishtar symbol. It does indeed look like a compass rose, which makes me like it even more. Mine is the traditional old-school compass, and it's on the "outside" of my wrist, not the inside.

I think that whether it will hurt more or not should influence your decision or where to get it or not. If you really want it somewhere, go for it. I had to pay that price for wanting such a big design this time around. The pain, at some point, was almost unbearable, but just the thought of seeing it finished kept me going.