Thursday, August 23, 2007


Por Ernesto

A Children's Game

Listen to the poet Sanai,
who lived seculuded: "Don't wander out on the road
in your ecstasy. Sleep in the tavern."

When a drunk strays out to the street,
children make fun of him.
He falls down in the mud.
He takes any and every road.
The children follow,
not knowing the taste of wine, or how
his drunkness feels. All people on the planet
are children, except for a very few.
No one is grown up except those free of desire.


Gone, inner and outer,
no moon, no ground or sky.
Don't hand me another glass of wine.
Pour it into my mouth.
I've lost the way to my mouth.

The wine we drink is our own blood.
Our bodies ferment in these barrels.
We give everything for a glass of this


John B-R said...

I don't trust anyone who purports to be free of desire.

Ginger said...

Well for a Sufi, or a Buddhist enlightenment is only attained through this freedom.

And the poem has more in the middle about the kind of violence, hate, etc that desire can create.

And I'm not sure if trust is what Rumi is after...

Horacio said...
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Horacio said...

what about trusting someone who's only desire is to be freed from desire?

Ginger said...

LOL H. And I was thinking most mystics desire to connect to God, the universe etc...

John B-R said...

I'm not trying to say freedom from desire is an unworthy goal ... I'm only saying that when someone purports to be free of desire I always hold my wallet a little tighter. Especially when they're sellin lil red Kabbalah strings ... As for Rumi, I ain't got nothin bad to say about Rumi, or the Sufis ... or mystics of any kind.

Ginger said...

Ok John, I see, and I agree:) Anyone who brags about such things always make me a bit leary. The new obessession with mysticism is an interesting and scary phenmomena...someone's making some money..

With this poem, I feel a touch of guilt as I skipped the middle part which really rails against children LOL.

Hey John...glad to see your name on my blog again. Missed you!

Ernesto said...

Hey! I had thanked you for this poem here, but it didn't come up... did it?

Thank you, I said. Thank you.