Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tedious Mornings, or Everyday Is Like Sunday

"Everyday is like Sunday, Every day is silent and gray."

Another gray morning in the queen city. It's been gray all week but no sign of rain which we desparetly need. Every thing is not so much gray as brown. Sigh.

Yes, it's another mundane post. News flash time. How is Ginger managing everything without going totally insane update.

Well managing by not doing is the best way to put it. Right now I have a proposal, I promised to get out by the end of this month, about 37 tests to grade, and a big chunk of Discpline and Punish to read. But I have been thinking about things, and jotting down notes. I am starting to be able to formulate my thesis into one sentence which is an important starting place for me. I'm hoping to churn out a rough draft of the proposal tomorrow, and then begin serious writing by mid-October. My goal is to have half of this thing done by December. It is doable because once I'm at the place to write, I usually write fairly just takes me a long time to get to that point.

But the biggest relief came last night. Horacio and I decided to put off applying for graduate schools for a year. This gives us time to apply, retake the GREs and revise papers. We were making ourselves nuts trying to add this to our already busy lives. I don't think either of us were really prepared for how much work applying for Ph.D really is. I do remember our friend MTP talking about this...and we should have heeded his words then. We will also take his advice and listen to "The More You ignore Me, the Closer I Get" as it seemed to bring him most excellent luck.

Other news? Well a year off would give me some time to focus on my creative writing. I'm not sure about sending it out. H has been nagging me, and John B-R left a very nice note to me about it. I'm scared of rejection. I'm not really sure where to begin, etc, etc. But a year off would give me some time to pursue this area of my life. I updated Umberto's blog. I went to a children's party last night and survived (barely). I still love TAing even all the tests to grade. I'm feeling very benign today:P

Cheers dear readers. Hope your Saturday is nothing like Sunday.


Ros said...

Taking a year off is BRILLIANT. More time to explore, time to contact profs at the schools you're considering, look for good dissertation matches, do some of the personal work you've started so you're more balanced when you start a PhD.

John B-R said...

Hi Ginger. Glad what I said was encouraging. As far as rejection, it's been said that a successful writer has a handful of readers who actually understands and appreciates what s/he is doing. Which means that there may be other readers, there may not be. Further, re: rejection, I've just been in a discussion on Ron SIlliman's poetry blog in which I discover that there are people who HATE the way I write (collage/appropriation/sampling). They think it's cowardly, unethical, proof of cultural decadence, personal lack of creativity, etc. The discussion wasn't aimed at me, but at another writer with whom I have great similarities. So I can assume that people who think there is something wrong with the way I write will reject my writings. But I have my half dozen readers, so I don't need these others for anything. (Does this mean I accept rejection as part of life? I guess so. Think of all the people who DON'T love me ...) The way you write, there will always be those who can relate and who think you do your thing well; therefore there will always be a few places in which your work can find a home ... I hope you like the photos I posted and dedicated to you. They are meant to illustrate at least a bit of what I feel reading you ... I guess they'll give you sense of how at least one reader takes your work ...

Ginger said...

I think I'm at a point where I could handle rejection. I'm not sure I'll embrace it:P but it won't crush me like it did when I was younger.

I loved the photos, and do think they capture the mood and style of my writing. It means a great deal to me that you see so cleary.