Sunday, February 06, 2011

Becoming Human

Baby beastie is in the midst of my favorite baby stage (after newborn which yes I do love). She'll be ten months old next week, and for the last month, I've had the joy and privilege of watching her become ever more present. I told H yesterday that what I love about this stage is how human they become. Yes, I know she was a human but she was a human baby. She was aware but not herself quite yet. Now with each passing day, there is more personality, awareness, connection to us as people than ever before.

She interacts Piper with now on a new level. They actually play together. Piper is thrilled to finally have a play companion. She's been waiting for months for this to happen. The other day Piper put all her stuffed animals into tubs and baskets to make a train. As Piper pushed the stuffies around, R followed behind. She's no longer happy in the mornings until Piper gets up to play with her. As soon as Piper stumbles into the living room, R starts laughing and waving. She crawls over to the couch and pulls herself into Piper's face.

She also plays with us. As I sit here typing she'll crawl around the back of my laptop, peer her little face over and grin hugely. She sneaks up on me if I'm lying or sitting on the floor, freezing and pretending she doesn't notice me if I look over at her. She does the same thing with H. When he gets home from work she squeals and squirms out of my arms to get to him.

She talks to us and the cat all the time. She's always cooing, babbling, telling us things.

Now that she's interacting, she's starting to become a recognizable person with her own traits and foibles. No longer do I find myself saying so much "She acts just like..." Of course she shares similarities with all of us. How could she not? But now there is more to her. There is a collection of traits, quirks that fit together to make her as human as the rest of us. No longer quite the angel and more the flesh bound creature we are here on Earth.

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