Wednesday, February 02, 2011

The Future

Is less opaque. H was accepted at UGA yesterday! I am so proud of him. I admit to feeling a little...sad...a bit jealous as the congratulations came in for him over Facebook. I was relieved that we have one for sure. And I'm feeling more like I can function. I suspect much of my ennui arose from this feeling of not knowing and waiting. Doing anything seemed to belie that waiting making it hard to motivate to do even the simplest of things. Now that we know at least one for sure, I feel like I can do dishes again.

And of course we still may hear back from other schools. I'm not holding my breath for me but I think H will hear back from at least one other school. I'm trying to figure out how to do midwifery school. I've pretty much decided on doing a CPM as opposed to a CNM for various reasons. There's a small online program in SC that is not accredited but it run by a well-trained midwife that my midwife recommended to me. It has skills weekend which wouldn't be too far for me to travel from GA. But there is a lot I'd have to supplement on my own. But it's cheap! And then there is the the amazing look program that is 4,000 plus another 2, 500 once I start my clinical. The required skills weekend are only once a year but they're in Washington, D.C. which would be hard to pull off. Sigh. I need a rich relative who will sponsor me..or a patron!

But at least the ennui has broken. Life has opened up again....

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