Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So Far Behind...

I am still committed to my post a day. I think I set myself up though. I feel as if it's not going to be a brilliant, thoughtful post, I shouldn't write. I need to get past this and just write. Today will be a quick chatty post. My mother's husband is in the hospital, and I'm waiting to see if I need to get over there. If he needs surgery, it could be life threatening and my mom wants me there with her during the surgery. I also need to make baked potato soup to bring to her place for dinner.

We are not up to much and yet always busy around here. It's funny how our day to day life is chock full of things to do. On Saturday we visited my cousin and Fayeteville as her mom was down from Maine. We had a great time as did the beasties. They were bitterly disappointed that we weren't spending the night. As always we left thinking that we really should visit my cousin more often.

I am still always a step behind in my classes. I am looking forward to a real semester off with no work but I suspect I will miss teaching. I do love that part of it...just hate the correcting and prep work. The drudgery of teaching is this not the time spent engaged with people.

At this point, we are just preparing for UGA which is a relief in most ways. It's nice to be able to know we're going and to look at the area. We plan on doing a small weekend trip soon, and then a longer stay during H's April break. Hopefully we can meet up with a local homeschooling group (my wonderful friend Sarah lives nearby!). And maybe even pre-lease a house for August!

As for me, I feel very uncertain. There is a part of me that feels like the universe/god/someone has answered my query and that I need to just apply for the midwifery program. And then there is a part of me that is still in mourning over the Ph.D. But I am applying for the midwifery school that I wanted the most, and we will try to figure out payment stuff if I am accepted.

Despite a some opposition and confusion from those around me, I am still planning on converting to Catholicism. I am writing a lot on that and will be slowly posting those writings over the next few months. I can not do the classes until September but in the meanwhile I am reading and praying. I have not changed my stance on social issues despite what many think, and I would label myself as a progressive Catholic. But I have made a willful act to believe. Right now I am thoroughly immersed in the writings of Dorothy Day and find myself ever more sure that I am making the right decision. Day is an inspiration not just to action but in living a fully spiritual life that is grounded in compassion for fellow humans. I am moved by her struggle to incorporate this love.

That's my newsy chat update. I have much to before this afternoon fully hits. Cooking, some more cleaning.


Anonymous said...

I hope everything went well at the hospital.
And Ginger if Catholicism feels right to you I say go for it with all your heart. AND midwifery too. You are going to be you no matter what!

hugs K

The Bear Maiden said...

I have to say... there is some amusement that all OF ALL religions for you to convert to you'd pick Catholicism... Catholicism is not at all the one I would have expected you to make. Proof positive that there is a God and He touches you in the most interesting of ways. As does She.

I admire your commitment to posting every day. I have been telling myself I need to as well. Many of my friends and relations started blogging enthusiastically around the time I did, and most of them of have quit. But I started my blog to keep the voices quiet... I write for me... and I need to do get back to it...

Ginger As in Green Tea... said...

Ha! Right? I have a post in my mind called "Why I joined the evil empire." LOL. But yeah it's weird until you think of people like Dorothy Day, Thomas Menton, etc. :P

And I miss your posts. I check a lot to make sure I don't miss any.