Thursday, February 17, 2011

Year Of Pleasures 6

Dogs. Or rather dogs for Camille. I am not a dog person. Hell, as I get older, I'm just not an animal person. I mean I don't hate them or anything I'm just not sure I want them for pets. After all I already have for beasties. But because we have beasties, and beasties who love animals, we are going to have pets. We've held the line with Strike, evil cat of the world, but I promised Camille a dog when we moved. I've had more than one opportunity to regret that promise. 

With Camille, it's hard to tell when she likes the idea better than the reality. Kind of like how she makes a lot of talk about wanting girl friends but then utterly ignores (most) girls when we actually meet up with some. I was sort of hoping she felt that way about dogs. After all, we all know that I will be the one who takes care of the dog. The kids do okay with the cat but H and I do most of the work. And I know this will be the case with the dog. I don't want to take care of a dog. I already take care of children. Lots of them. But Camille is so giddy about a dog. She talks about it. Writes about it. And it is definitely making a big move a lot less stressful for her.

Still though a dog? And then we meet up with my mom and one of her wonderful Goldens at the park.

And I realized that this dog thing was pretty important to to Camille.  We're not just talking about some kind mystical bond between an Aspie kid and an animal. I meant that is sort of there. But the thing is that  Camille acts as awkward with the dogs as she does with people. Seriously. But the dog doesn't judge her. It doesn't care that she walks stiffly and uncomfortably. It doesn't care that she says inappropriate things or that sometimes she just doesn't say anything. The dog just loves her for her.

The above reason is reason enough but there's more. The dog acts as a buffer for Camille and people. As Camille was walking Lola, people would stop and admire them. They would talk to Camille about the dog. Camille loved it. She would tell them all about Lola (half of it not true). She wasn't uncomfortable. The dog gave her a confidence, an assurance that she does not always have around humans.

So yes this time around dogs are a pleasure. We'll be getting one as soon as we hit Athens.


Anonymous said...

Interested in a long-necked, big-headed, scruffy white dog? I could put him in your car with you! -Jody

Ginger As in Green Tea... said...

Look at you trying to pawn off Harlow:P You'd have to wait five months:)