Thursday, February 03, 2011

Year Of Pleasures 5

Beastie Boy aka Umberto.

When I was pregnant with Umberto, I wanted a girl. I was only a little disappointed to find out I was having a boy. When I held in my arms for the first time, it honestly didn't matter. And it never mattered since. My only son. My sweet beautiful boy who taught me all about real joy. 

There is a lovely quietness to Umberto. Being with him is calming. There is something amazing about being with Umberto that just makes one feel at ease and at peace. It is an amazing gift. 


Jennifer said...

Beautiful, beautiful boy.

Heather said...

You and H have a gorgeous family. I have a 3 year old son. Such a perfect love. I feel this!0

Ephémère said...

Niño hermoso... I remember when we all were in Mexico, 2001, Umberto was a year old, and he subreptitiously entered my room, early in the morning: joy!
Gracias Ginger & H for all 4. I have to meet Rowena, soon.

S said...

Yes, beautiful.