Sunday, November 13, 2011


There are days that fill the soul with sunshine, flaming leaves, and the laughter of children. Those days sweep in no matter what welcome can be expected. Today she walked engulfed in this magic with the sadness like a dull ache. The joy was too present to ignore but the pain underneath was like a sharp reminder that gray often comes after the brilliance. As she watched her lovely girls, poke in the stream and balance on logs, she felt that she was asking for too much.

But that tiny grain of grief haunted her.The little footsteps behind her and to turn and see nothing. There was no way to deny that there had been a loss. A presence that once here was now gone. But as she watched the baby taking her steps through the leaves, her first real hike in the woods, she wondered if she asked too much.
To want more on such a day seemed to spit on the fortune of the universe. But she found that while she held this all so dear and close that she did long for more. Not much more but just a small bit. She could embrace the joy of now and when she turned her face toward the golden sunshine that shown through the canopy of leaves she felt that perhaps she could put her hand out in trust, and wait for God to answer.

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