Thursday, November 17, 2011


On Tuesday, my sponsor squeezed my hand and told me she had something special for me. During our break she gave a medal blessed by one of our Friars. I held the small silver circle in my hand, and felt tears pushing a bit from behind my eyes. For a moment, there was just nothing to say. Here was a small quiet sign from someone I did not yet know well. It was as if I was wrapped in love.

These little material things come to me when I need them most. They fill up my house and my car. They hang from rear view mirrors. They are tucked away into nooks in my hallway. They lean against olive oil bottles. They hang on my fridge holding up brightly colored pictures drawn by the beasties. These images traveled with me through states and through religions. I have held them longer than I have been on my conversion journey.

And this medal came to me when I needed an answer. When I need a little assurance. And I think that these physical things are vital in my journey of faith.They capture inside paper, metal, glass, the moments of prayer, faith, sorrow, joy and thanksgiving.

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