Monday, November 21, 2011

Year of Pleasures 28

Reading fiction. I've always been a varied and prolific reader but grad. school limited my time. I read a lot of short, cozy mysteries and of course Charlene Harris but avoided thicker trashy fiction. Instead, I immersed myself in theory and religious studies articles some so bad I wanted to poke myself in the eye. Now that I'm free, I find myself laying around reading thick series novels whose only redeeming qualities are that they are well written and pleasurable.

I wish I could express in words how delicious it is to curl up with a book and just...escape. I love my life but so enjoy being able to be transported somewhere else. To another world, time, person. To fall in love with characters. To cry if they are killed off. To put off eating because I just have to know...while at the same time not wanting to the story to end....savoring every page.
This is how I read as a child and it is perhaps the only thing I have maintained into adulthood. The ability to be lost in the pages of a good story.

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