Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Gift

"Now Abraham can receive Isaac without guilt, as a gift.When they are walking back home, Issac is now Abraham's son in a way that he never was before. Abraham had to receive the gift twice by sacrificing it the first time"(Ronald Rolheiser).

When he gave her the gift the first time, she lost it. She did not mean to let it go but for a second when her hands flexed, it flew away into the stars. She watched it sobbing and calling out but it could not longer hear here. She spent days mourning that loss, fearing that she would never lay hands on such a gift again.

He did not know if he wanted to give the gift again. The first time had been fraught with fear. But he opened himself up again, and put the gift, different but the same, into her hands. This time she held onto that gift not with her hands but with faith. The second time she recognized that this was indeed a gift that he was giving her.

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